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Tuesday, 25.09.2018
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Buenos Aires - Argentina's capital - an area of ​​about four thousand km2 and has a population of the suburbs more than 11.8 million people, representing 40 percent of the total population. Buenos Ayros - the main economic, political and cultural center.

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Madrid - one of the most beautiful cities in the world, the capital of Spain and the cultural, political and economic center of Europe. The population of 3 million people, 21 Street, as well as major transport hub. The city is situated at an altitude of 665 meters above sea level, is located primarily between the mountain of the Sierra de Guadarrama, and the river Manzanares.

Madrid city with a very hot climate and in general, low precipitation. Most of the population Catholic, but because of the large number of emigrants cultures and languages ​​of the city is very different. As such, the city appeared here in 927 year BC, but as it turned out, people lived here long before the birth of Christ. Until 1561 the city settled preymuschestvenno Arabs, Spaniards and later create one of his his cultural capital, with a little modifying the city and destroyed the monuments of Arab culture. Therefore, the East Europeans and called

In the 19th century when King Charles the 3rd city a truly European: little houses were gone, there were palaces and monuments. During Napoleon's invasion of the city was captured by the French and the Spaniards began the uprising that was brutally suppressed, so 180 ... Read more »
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BMW announced the M-package for the new 3-Series F30

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Decatur, Alabama

Decatur it is a city in Limestone and Morgan districts in state of USA in the State of Alabama. The city as tenderly name "a city the river", is in Northern Alabama on the bank of lake Uiler to the river Tennessee dress. It is the big city and districts from Morgan County. To estimations, population in 2006 was 55778.
Decatur also the basic cities-counties two big Decatur Metropolitan Area which 150125 in 2006. In a combination to the Area Huntsville the metropolitan, two to create Huntsville-Dekatur the Combined areas of statistics from which, Decatur is the second-large city.
As well as in many cities in the south of the country in the beginning of 19 centuries, early success Decatur has been based on its place, along the river. Railway routes and driving by traffic boats were pushed with a city, that before Northern Alabama "with economic conditions. The city has quickly turned to the large economic center in a valley of Tennesi and there was the center for tourists and cargoes between Nashville / Chattanooga and mobile / the Nju-anatto tree. Throughout 20th century the city has endured steady growth, but was has eclipsed as the regional economic center on quickly growing Huntsville during space race. The city finds now the economy are substantially based on branches of manufacture, transit of cargoes and greetings and hi-tech manufactures, such as General Electric, and also alliance United Launch.

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Franklin, the State of Alabama

Franklin is a city in county Macon, Alabama, the USA. On census of 2010 the population was 145.
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City of San Francisco, the State of Alabama

City of San Francisco, city in a county of Monroe, the State of Alabama, the USA. According to census 2000 population was 1460.
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Fulton, the State of Alabama

Fulton it is a city in a county Clark, the State of Alabama, the USA. According to census 2000 population was 308.
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The park of trailers is almost-constant or constant area for mobile houses or travel of trailers. The principal causes, living in such parks of the trailer frequently lower cost in comparison with others of habitation, and also possibility to pass to new area more quickly and easily, for example, at change of a place of work in other part of the country from the mobile house / the trailer with them.
The trailer of parks, especially in the American culture which low level of the income which habitation invaders in the same way is considered live below the poverty line, have the low social status and to result sketchy and harmful a way of life. Despite successes in the trailer of house technology, the image the park of trailers survives, to what ignorance in the statement of the president adviser James Karvill testifies with stereotypic during one of Bill Clinton the White house of political scandals, "Drag $100 accounts through trailer parks, aren't present say that you will find","about Paule Johns. [1] it is visible also in Canadian mockumentary Boys park of trailers.
The tornado and hurricanes, often cause a serious damage of the trailer of parks, usually because of structure aren't attached to the earth and their buildings is considerable smaller degree are capable to maintain high wind, than usual houses. Nevertheless, the majority modern the made houses to sustain strong winds, and also the basic house, using hurricane belts and the appropriate base.
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Money the list of the best small American cities

And winners of a steel...
These shaking small cities are allocated in qualities of leaving of the American families about the majority-. Ample opportunities of work, the first class schools, safe streets, economic power, good weather many to make, and many other things

1. Louisville, CO
2. Milton, Massachusetts
3. Солон, Ohio
4.Leesburg, CENTURY AND.
5.Papillion, Н. Е.
6.Hanover, NH
7. Freedom, MO
8. Мидлтон, WI
9.Mukilteo, WA
10.Chanhassen, M. Н.
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