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The park of trailers is almost-constant or constant area for mobile houses or travel of trailers. The principal causes, living in such parks of the trailer frequently lower cost in comparison with others of habitation, and also possibility to pass to new area more quickly and easily, for example, at change of a place of work in other part of the country from the mobile house / the trailer with them.
The trailer of parks, especially in the American culture which low level of the income which habitation invaders in the same way is considered live below the poverty line, have the low social status and to result sketchy and harmful a way of life. Despite successes in the trailer of house technology, the image the park of trailers survives, to what ignorance in the statement of the president adviser James Karvill testifies with stereotypic during one of Bill Clinton the White house of political scandals, "Drag $100 accounts through trailer parks, aren't present say that you will find","about Paule Johns. [1] it is visible also in Canadian mockumentary Boys park of trailers.
The tornado and hurricanes, often cause a serious damage of the trailer of parks, usually because of structure aren't attached to the earth and their buildings is considerable smaller degree are capable to maintain high wind, than usual houses. Nevertheless, the majority modern the made houses to sustain strong winds, and also the basic house, using hurricane belts and the appropriate base.
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Money the list of the best small American cities

And winners of a steel...
These shaking small cities are allocated in qualities of leaving of the American families about the majority-. Ample opportunities of work, the first class schools, safe streets, economic power, good weather many to make, and many other things

1. Louisville, CO
2. Milton, Massachusetts
3. Солон, Ohio
4.Leesburg, CENTURY AND.
5.Papillion, Н. Е.
6.Hanover, NH
7. Freedom, MO
8. Мидлтон, WI
9.Mukilteo, WA
10.Chanhassen, M. Н.
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Cusseta, Alabama

Cusseta it is a city in a county of chambers, the State of Alabama, the USA. Located between Opelika and Lanett, it has been named in honor of ancient Indian Shout of city Cusseta.
Pet Garrett, the well-known judicial executor for murder the criminal Bills Kid, was born near to Cusseta in 1850.
Community as believe, not incorporated till 2006 when again documents it was specified that Cusseta has been included as a city in 1853. As community has decreased in sizes throughout many years, its status has been forgotten.
In April, 2007, the petition the majority of citizens Cusseta the judge from chambers Kaunti has been given wills, the State of Alabama, repeated replacement status Cusseta as are included cities. The judge by name the mayor and five councilors on the first city council, for two years. It is council have met for the first time on April, 30th, 2007 in old one-room schools are located under an oak in center Cusseta. A border city leave in one-mile zones from the railway a crossroads near school.
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Eva, Alabama

Eve is a city in a county Morgan, the State of Alabama, and Huntsville-Dekatur the Combined areas of statistics joins around Decatur the metropolitan, and also. As of censuses of 2000 the city population makes 491.


As of population censuses [2] 2000 were 491 persons, 194 families, and 152 families living in a city. Population density there were 168,0 persons on square mile (64.9/km 2). There were 213 units of habitation on the average density of 72,9 persons on square mile (28.2/km 2). Racial structure of a city there were 98,37 % of White, 0,20 % of radical Americans, and 1,43 % from two or more races. 0,41 % of the population were Hispanic or Latino any race.
There were 194 families from which 31,4 % had children aged till 18 years living with them, 68,0 % were the married couples living together, 7,7 % were single mothers without husbands, and 21,6 % had no family. 18,6 % of all households consist of separate persons and 7,7 % from them someone of lonely aged people of 65 years and is more senior. The average size of a household 2,53, and the average size of a family 2,91.
In a population city 7,7 % from 18 till 24 years, 29,9 % from 25 till 44 years have been extended from 21,6 % aged till 18 years, 26,3 % from 45 till 64 years and 14,5 % which were at the age of 65 years and are more senior. Middle age has made 40 years. On each 100 women 98,8 men were necessary. On each 100 wo ... Read more »
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Carolina is a city in a county Covington, the State of Alabama, the USA. It is located approximately in 80 miles to the south from Montgomery, the State of Alabama, and about 80 miles to the West from Dotan, the State of Alabama. According to census 2000 population was 248.
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