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Friday, 27.04.2018


Buenos Aires - Argentina's capital - an area of ​​about four thousand km2 and has a population of the suburbs more than 11.8 million people, representing 40 percent of the total population. Buenos Ayros - the main economic, political and cultural center.

It produces more than half of industrial production in Argentina. Buenos Aires - a huge city with an extensive network of public transport. However, without much need to use it is not recommended for tourists. First of all, your wallet is sure to perekochuet into the hands of a pickpocket, and secondly, the transport is not in the best condition. Taxi is the capital three times more than in New York. Enough to raise his hand, and the yellow-black car immediately stops nearby and will take you to the town. Buenos Aires modern city with tall buildings, including skyscrapers in the center there, which put the business centers and offices of large companies. But the overall building retains the features of the colonial period, which is characterized by the main square with access to the sea and straightforward configuration of the location of the streets. The city is rich with greenery, parks and boulevards. However, from the fashionable district of central and suburban contrast many poor neighborhoods and slums. In the central part of many different monuments and memorials. From an architectural point of interest merit the presidential palace, parliament building and the Opera House. Say, if the theater hall acoustics second only to Milan and New York City operas. Naturally, the capital city is the cultural and scientific center of the country. Here are concentrated the Academy of Literature, Fine Arts, the exact physical and natural sciences, National Academy of Law, Geography, Medicine, History Museum, Museum of Decorative Arts, Modern Art, numerous museums, theaters and cinemas. In the capital of Argentina is the world's widest street - Avenue July 9 with ten lanes in both directions, on which the 67-meter obelisk - the symbol of the city. This street is also famous for its gardens, parks, zoo and botanical garden. Popular with tourists and antique street of San Telmo, with lots of bars, where the evening dancing the tango. On Sundays, the street offers antique market. Evening of tango in Buenos Aires - the main attraction for tourists. True, it's expensive - from 20 to 50 USD. On the main shopping streets in the city center and near the flea market to look at the Plaza Dorren dancing tango for free. Tango - a symbol of Buenos Aires and in other parts of the country it has long supplanted the contemporary music. Football in Buenos Aires, opened to tourists in the form of T-shirts and other paraphernalia related to the national team and most popular clubs. From Buenos Aires can be found for 2-3 days, but never a dull moment, even if it will spend a week or more. Tourist areas of La Boca - the most unusual and colorful quarter of Buenos Aires. Once it was inhabited by poor immigrants and artists who built their houses out of sheets of slate and dye them a different color paint residues ship. On the pedestrian street Kamenito you undoubtedly will witness impromptu tango, and you can enjoy the holiday atmosphere at the table a cozy cafe. La Rekoletta - elegant and fashionable district of Buenos Aires. On the street there are houses rich Alvear portenos who left their homes and moved to the area of ​​San Telmo during the yellow fever in the 19th century, here is the famous cemetery where rests the whole Argentine know, politicians and celebrities. There is also the tomb of Evita Peron, with black marble monument. District Matadores gathers thousands of tourists to the famous bullfight, and on the promenade of La Kostanera can walk. In the district of San Telmo are numerous bars and restaurants, shops and small tango heritage hotels with schools tango. It is in the San Telmo in the late XIX born tango. This waterfront flocked the soldiers, weary from a protracted civil war, the poor peasants, the descendants of African slaves, European immigrants. The vast majority of newcomers were men. Suffering from loneliness in a foreign land, they gathered in the harbor bars and brothels. While waiting for prostitutes, they danced with each other kind of dance, full of passion and desire. National melodies mixed, creating a memorable sounds of tango. Gradually he began to dance with women, and dance became less melancholic.

Resort Description
The capital of Argentina is usually associated with the name of Evita, tango or soccer. This is a real "city of contrasts" - next to modern skyscrapers are preserved old Spanish quarters, with a fashionable district of central and suburban contrast many poor neighborhoods and slums. The old part of town reminds both of Paris, London and Madrid, and new areas of Buenos Aires - a modern city with skyscrapers and high-rise buildings, which are placed in business centers and offices of large companies. The overall development of the capital, however, retains the features of the colonial period - the main area with access to the sea and straight-line configuration of the streets. The city is rich with greenery, parks and boulevards, in the central part of many different monuments and memorials. Mar del Plata - a famous resort located 404 km south of Buenos Aires in the temperate zone. It is home to only 600 thousand inhabitants, and the number of vacationers and tourists reaches 6 million! In Maar del Plata opened many theme parks, where you can see shows with dolphins, sea lions, sharks, acrobatic performances of athletes at water skiing and much more. Trips on a farm in the style of "eco-tourism" will provide an opportunity to see how the milk fed lambs and sheep are sheared, and taste the home cooking. In Mendoza wine festival takes place regularly with a carnival and dancing, musical shows and the election of the Queen.
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