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Decatur, Alabama
Decatur, Alabama

Decatur it is a city in Limestone and Morgan districts in state of USA in the State of Alabama. The city as tenderly name "a city the river", is in Northern Alabama on the bank of lake Uiler to the river Tennessee dress. It is the big city and districts from Morgan County. To estimations, population in 2006 was 55778.
Decatur also the basic cities-counties two big Decatur Metropolitan Area which 150125 in 2006. In a combination to the Area Huntsville the metropolitan, two to create Huntsville-Dekatur the Combined areas of statistics from which, Decatur is the second-large city.
As well as in many cities in the south of the country in the beginning of 19 centuries, early success Decatur has been based on its place, along the river. Railway routes and driving by traffic boats were pushed with a city, that before Northern Alabama "with economic conditions. The city has quickly turned to the large economic center in a valley of Tennesi and there was the center for tourists and cargoes between Nashville / Chattanooga and mobile / the Nju-anatto tree. Throughout 20th century the city has endured steady growth, but was has eclipsed as the regional economic center on quickly growing Huntsville during space race. The city finds now the economy are substantially based on branches of manufacture, transit of cargoes and greetings and hi-tech manufactures, such as General Electric, and also alliance United Launch.


Initially the area was known as "Rhodes Ferry Landing", named in honor of doctor Henry U.Rodos, early the land owner whom the ferry which has crossed the rivers Tennessee in 1810th years in modern an arrangement Rhodes Ferri of park works. The city has been included as Decatur in 1821. It has been named in honor Stephen Dekatur;. After he has been killed on duel in 1820, the president of Monroe has decided that the city of Alabama to be named in its honor to
Decatur there was very much an important point in Northern Alabama within the first days of the existence. Decatur was east final Tuscumbia, Courtland and Decatur the railway (in the beginning 1830), the first railway is constructed to the West from Appalachian mountains. In 1850 Tuscumbia, Courtland and Decatur the railway was a part of the railway Memphis and the Charleston.
Thanks to the arrangement on the river Tennessee in strategically important crossing of two large railways, Decatur was a place of several meetings during the American civil war. When the Union the army occupied a city in the war beginning, the commander the general has ordered everything, except four buildings in a city are destroyed. Bricks from some churches in a city have been used for creation of furnaces and chimneys for buildings where soldiers settled down. Four buildings, which remained (and till now stand) the Old state bank, a Densi-regiment the House, Todd Dom and Burleson-Hinds-Мсентайр the house are. After the union a victory in fight to Atlanta, Confederation army under command general John Bell Hud short спарринги with ready outmanned garrison during 1864 Fight Decatur when Decatur named a tough nut.
Though the city was under Confederation control, fight plans Sewed have been planned in Burleson-Hinds-Мсентайр at home. These actions to make the house one of the major historical buildings of Dekatur.
New Dekatur, the State of Alabama, there was a city which has grown from ashes were Decatur to the West from the railway. New Decatur has been based in 1887 and it is included in 1889. But inhabitants are more senior Decatur the new city based and occupied people which have moved from northern states was indignant. Animosities are constructed to New Decatur have renamed the ​​ a city of Albany, after Albany, the State of New York, in September, 1916. The impulse to unite two cities have come from necessity the bridge, instead of the ferry, through the rivers Tennessee. Decatur the club has been created by Kivanis with equal number of members from each city to organize efforts, to force the state to construct the bridge. In 1925 two cities have united in one city of Decatur. There is an appreciable difference between two parties of a city. Cities developed differently at various times, both till now and to this day there are some different cultures. East part Decatur try to operate more suburban and traditional while the western part, as a rule, look more capital and modern.The old state bank, on city suburb, is the oldest a bank building in the State of Alabama, for 173 years. The first pool a wave in the USA has been constructed in Decatur and till now in operation on the Point кряква Aquatic Center. The city has the greatest of the Victorian epoch house area in the State of Alabama. Decatur the native land the oldest opera of Alabama the house, Cotaco opera theater which still ​​ costs to Johnston-strit also is.
In the past of its branches repair shops Louisville and Nashville of the railway are included, the car works, the engine works, skinnery, pouring of plants, and manufacturers of saw-timbers, belts and a jalousie, fertilizers, cigars, a flour, cotton oil, and also various other products.
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