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Franklin, the State of Alabama
Franklin, the State of Alabama

Franklin is a city in county Macon, Alabama, the USA. On census of 2010 the population was 145.

History and formation heritage

Franklin school in operation in 1890th years training 1-11 classes. To the middle of 1930th years it has been reduced to 1-6 classes. Existed northern and southern classes adjoins the general audience, an original source of water to school was in the spring near a building, then a well in a court yard with the manual pump under a condition, water. Heat has been given the wood furnace a paunch. Each student has brought a log every morning for use in the furnace. The school is closed in 1942. 75-80 students have translated it in Tuskegee schools. After closing of school northern a class was it have transferred on a present place, turns to the public center with other are taken down.
During its use as the communal center, Hank Williams the senior often acted on dances. On Franklin 1977 incorporations, the city has started to use a town hall building. To mile to the north from a town hall the rests of lay that, on hearings there will be a first school in county Macon.

Harris Barret of school.

Located at the corner To Rd. 27 and 36 also it is restored as a historical museum, Harris Barrett Shkola has been constructed in 1903 with manual bricks are made Tuskegee Normal school (nowadays Taskidzhijsky university) students under the direction of Buker T.Vashington. Throughout many years, it there was an educational center for descendants of area of the slave. Both Harris Barrett and Tuskegee institute have played an important role in formation in community Franklin. There was to an experimental farm in the western part road Baldwin Farm. Букер T.Vashington and George Vashington Karver both were active in agriculture in Franklin, helping farmers as black and white. Many farms in Franklin have been approved Shout of the Indians, Known leader Osceola was born the Red stream, in 10 miles from the river Tallapuza.
Franklin was the house for many churches throughout more than 200 years, including, in the end of 1700 and the beginning of 1800th years, Methodist church missionary for Shout of Indians with two cemeteries, one for a burial place white, and another for the Indian burial place. James Makkuin, great-grandfather Osceola is buried in Indian a cemetery.

As of population censuses 2000 were 145 persons, 59 families, and 44 families living in a city. Average population density made 43 persons on square mile (17.2/km ²). There were 73 units of habitation on the average density of 18,0 persons on square mile (8.9/km ²). Racial structure of a city there were 56,38 % Black or Afro-American and 43,62 % White. 0,67 % of the population were Hispanic or Latino any race.
There were 59 families from which 28,1 % had children aged till 18 years living with them, 51,6 % were the married couples living together, 15,6 % from them of the woman lived without husbands, and 25,0 % had no family. 21,9 % of all households consist of separate persons and 10,9 % from them someone of lonely aged people of 65 years and is more senior. The average size of a household 2,33, and the average size of a family 2,69.
In a population city 10,7 % from 18 till 24 years, 18,1 % from 25 till 44 years have been extended from 20,1 % aged till 18 years, 33,6 % from 45 till 64 years and 17,4 % which were at the age of 65 years and are more senior. Middle age has made 47 years. On each 100 women it was necessary 96,1 men. On each 100 women age of 18 years also is more senior 88,9 men were.
The average income on housekeeping in a city has made $45923, and the average income on a family makes $53111. Men have the average income from $43840 against $40744 for women. The income per capita in a city has made $45495. Existed any of families and 4,9 % of the population living below the poverty line, including not reached eighteens and 9,7 those % who is more senior 64 years.
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