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Friday, 27.04.2018
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Madrid - one of the most beautiful cities in the world
Madrid - one of the most beautiful cities in the world, the capital of Spain and the cultural, political and economic center of Europe. The population of 3 million people, 21 Street, as well as major transport hub. The city is situated at an altitude of 665 meters above sea level, is located primarily between the mountain of the Sierra de Guadarrama, and the river Manzanares.

Madrid city with a very hot climate and in general, low precipitation. Most of the population Catholic, but because of the large number of emigrants cultures and languages ​​of the city is very different. As such, the city appeared here in 927 year BC, but as it turned out, people lived here long before the birth of Christ. Until 1561 the city settled preymuschestvenno Arabs, Spaniards and later create one of his his cultural capital, with a little modifying the city and destroyed the monuments of Arab culture. Therefore, the East Europeans and called

In the 19th century when King Charles the 3rd city a truly European: little houses were gone, there were palaces and monuments. During Napoleon's invasion of the city was captured by the French and the Spaniards began the uprising that was brutally suppressed, so 1808 will forever remain a black in the calendar of Spain. but in 1810 started a real revolution, that revolution, when people, knowing how it will end, went to his death, probably by the fact that almost the whole town was ready to die for their freedom and became the key to victory in 1814.

Subsequently, Madrid strongly reconstructed, not only for the capital and cultural and historical center,
but also under the capital's military power. And only in the early 20th century the town started strong growth: new streets, boulevards, squares, palaces, and just houses that were built on the conscience, many of whom are there to this day.

In 1936, during the Civil War the Republicans were defending as best they could, many of them carried the same spirit as in the 1808-1814 year of the revolution, but not looking at high morale in March 1939, the Nationalists still took the city. Then have suffered cultural monuments, the reconstruction of which was spent a lot of money, but the buildings have been restored yet. The high costs of reconstruction caused strong erosion of the economy in Spain, so the entire urban population was obliged to "tighten their belts."

In the post-war time relations were established in Spain and the United States last pulled out of Madrid nischity, while
the city was in addition to the cultural, historical, military, political and economic capital, is also a center of tourism.

In the 70 years ended the dynasty of the Bourbons and was chosen as the new King Juan Carlos I, who in his post on these days in the 80s became the center of Madrid's cultural life, there were built museums, theaters and cinemas.

March 11, 2004 in the city has suffered a major terrorist attack.

In the modern Madrid has 21 districts (as mentioned above): Centro, Arganzuela, Retiro, Salamanca, Chamartin, Tetuan, Chamberi, Fuencarral-El Pardo, Moncloa-Aravaca, Latina, Carabanchel, UserA, Puente de Vallecas,
Moratalaz, Ciudad Lineal, Hortaleza, Villaverde, Villa de Vallecas, Vicalvaro, San Blas, Barajas. Just a football club
"Real Madrid" is considered one of the best clubs in the world, and the city of odim major football centers.

In general, that Madrid is a common European capital, and beautiful city, like most cities, has a history of more than a thousand years. Undoubtedly Madrid can be considered one of the largest cultural centers. Whatever it was today, the city survived, and the famine and civil war, revolution and still took a worthy place in Europe.
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