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Friday, 27.04.2018
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Trailer park
The park of trailers is almost-constant or constant area for mobile houses or travel of trailers. The principal causes, living in such parks of the trailer frequently lower cost in comparison with others of habitation, and also possibility to pass to new area more quickly and easily, for example, at change of a place of work in other part of the country from the mobile house / the trailer with them.
The trailer of parks, especially in the American culture which low level of the income which habitation invaders in the same way is considered live below the poverty line, have the low social status and to result sketchy and harmful a way of life. Despite successes in the trailer of house technology, the image the park of trailers survives, to what ignorance in the statement of the president adviser James Karvill testifies with stereotypic during one of Bill Clinton the White house of political scandals, "Drag $100 accounts through trailer parks, aren't present say that you will find","about Paule Johns. [1] it is visible also in Canadian mockumentary Boys park of trailers.
The tornado and hurricanes, often cause a serious damage of the trailer of parks, usually because of structure aren't attached to the earth and their buildings is considerable smaller degree are capable to maintain high wind, than usual houses. Nevertheless, the majority modern the made houses to sustain strong winds, and also the basic house, using hurricane belts and the appropriate base.

In the United States
Such perception of the trailer of parks not to improve, the bookmark of parks of the extreme trailer of Federal agency on emergency situations (FEMA) for the moved victims of the hurricane Katrina, quality and which temporality is challenged. [2] many stereotypes were developed in the relation by people who live in a trailer of parks which are similar to stereotypes about poor and term of garbage of the trailer is often used as an adjective the same way, as pejorative the American conditions white garbage or a ghetto. Though trailer parks appear in all territory of the United States, they are often connected with Deep South and rural areas.
More recently, mentioned in the USA as mobile communities of the house or stereotypes often it are made habitation of sites. Communities Pension exist in many places which allow mobile house parks, as "more-50 parks". House owners should be more senior 50 years and persons at the age from 21 it was seldom authorized to live there. They can be the closed communities with conveniences, such as pools, clubs and on a service place. Houses, often remain are established on the bases. Nevertheless, under certain circumstances inhabitants can't own the earth of their house occupy.

Outside of the North America
In Europe, especially in Germany and Spain, where trailer of parks meet less often (but is), as "normal" residing, disputable trailer parks exists what to squat on the earth, near to the city centers (Berlin, Hamburg, Barcelona). Names for such phenomena concerns Wagenburg, Wagendorf or Bauwagenplatz (all German, and it means: "the car a fort», «the trailer village» and «building of the trailer a place" accordingly), and the people, living Is are often connected with certain ethnic groups, such as Gipsy, or from the pank movement, new travelers of age, the Irish travelers and make to itself of pank ethics. As a whole, however, the trailer of parks meet much less often in these countries, than they are in other place and in the North America and much less symbolize various a way of life and an accessory to certain by a social class.
In Germany and other European countries also exist much normal places of a camping for short time and a season of campings, and also old a camping (for years) with hardly mobile travel trailers. Sometimes inhabitants even grow up a garden. Some cities allow old a camping much to be regular the address registered with the authorities.
In the United Kingdom ", trailers" or in the mobile house, as a rule, are used for one of two purposes. First, as the country houses intended for short-term residing. And secondly, as houses for aged for the older persons intended for long-term residing. Both kinds of trailers usually use good conveniences and very well-groomed gardens are surrounded.
In France, living in a trailer or a mobile house within more than three months it is forbidden by the law even if the resident owns the earth.
In Australia, as a rule, not distinction between park of trailers and River В of park. The term "the Caravan Park" is used for a designation as.
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