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Friday, 27.04.2018
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Flag of Albania and its value.

Flag of Albania [Albanian flag]

Photo color Albanian flag

The flag of Albania is a red flag of rectangular shape, which is depicted in the center of the black-headed orel.Storony relate to each other as 5:7. Albanian flag.

April 7, 1992, the flag was officially adopted and used as a public, civil and military znamya.Suschestvuet legend on which the Albanians are the descendants of the founder orla.V honor of an independent state (1443) and the hero of the war with the Turks George Kastrioti (Scanderbeg) selected for a banner image of Byzantine double-headed black orla.V 1928-1934 years (the existence of the Albanian kingdom) was a red flag cloth with black eagle, which depicted a stylized helmet (helmet Skanderbeg).

In the years 1934-1939 red cloth was svetlee.V a time when Albania was the People's Republic (1946-1992 years), again on a red background darkened over two-headed eagle were pictured in yellow five-pointed star outline.
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