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Friday, 27.04.2018
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Flag of Austria and its value.

The description, picture, color Austrian flag.

Flag of Austria, is a rectangular panel consisting of three equivalent horizontal stripes: red - at the top, white - in the middle and red - at the bottom.
The length of the flag and a half times greater than its width. Austrian flag.

Its modern form became the flag after the proclamation of the republic in 1918 and received approval October 21, 1919 goda.V 1933 Austrian flag was lifted, and in 1945 - newly restored as a state.

The national flag has some differences from the public at its center was located a black eagle with a crown of red and white shield, and sickle symbol molotom.Kak rid of fascism from May 1, 1945 at the hands of the eagle began to portray the broken flag tsepi.Poslednee transformation took place on 28 in March 1984.

It is believed that the color red symbolizes spilled in the struggle for the independence of the Republic of Austria blood of patriots, white - the symbol of the conquered people's freedom and the overthrow of monarhii.Na fact, red-white-red combination was first introduced in Austria in the Middle Ages.

In the first half of the XIII century on the seals of the last dynasty of the Dukes of Babenberg an image of a horse galloping on a knight, a shield which has been divided into three equal parts chasti.Tsvet not been specified, he himself became known as the coat of arms shield Babenbergov.

In the XIII century also began to be used tri-colored military znamena.Vsledstvie in this famous medieval armorial (Zuricher Rolle, Wappenbuch vd Ersten, Gelre) Austria is already tri-color coat of arms.

There is a legend dating back to XIV century, the appearance of red and white colors of the Austrian gerbe.V battle with the Saracens duke Leopold Babenbergsky fought so fiercely that his white knight cloak was soaked in blood, and only a thin band at the waist remained chistoy.Posle this event started use of alternating red and white colors for the image, first the coat of arms Babenbergov in the future - the flag of Austria.

Austrian flag
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